Good-Bye.. For Now!!

Hey Folks!

The term has come to an end and I would like to say that I’m so excited to continue my journey with blogging. This class has pretty much opened my eyes to the never ending possibilities in the emerging media world. Months before stating my professional blog, I have always been approached by peers who insisted that I start writing a personal blog about what something that I’ve found interesting. I never thought that I would actually have a class that would require me to voice my thoughts and opinions on so many interesting topics.

For this week our professor posted a compilation video of At&T advertisements from 1993-1994 that showcased the growth of technology for years to come. It was interesting to see how these ads showed the same devices we are using now, such as the tablet and kiosk that can almost do anything for you. In a day and age where technology is found everywhere and satisfies our need for instant gratification, you can only wonder whats next.

What next for me?

I’m hoping to take so much of what I learned this term and apply it to my professional and scholastic career! This year has offered me so many opportunities that I’m more than ready to take on. One that I am most proud of is my internship working with The Taste of Atlanta; it is a dream come true to be heavily involved in the planning and executing phase of this well-known festival. The lessons I’ve learned from this class has readily prepared me for my new journey to becoming a better communication professional and a more responsible communicator.

If you are in the Atlanta Area between the dates on October 24-26 2014, please join me in reveling in tasting cuisines from over 90 restaurants and enjoying a VIP experience at the Taste of Atlanta!

Thanks for tuning in!


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